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Jack the Ripper The Policeman

Pen and Sword

Jack the Ripper The Policeman

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Imagine you were a police officer and had been dominated as a child by an abusive mother who didn't really want you and as an adult had been served bastardy orders twice, firstly by a woman in whose house you lived and then by a woman you had a relationship with. Then, to top it all after you had become a police officer in another city you arrested a woman you thought was a prostitute, whose subsequent actions caused you to be accused of perjury and you ended up in court at the Old Bailey. Although you were found not guilty, it ruined your career and left you seriously in debt and though you were still a policeman you were taken off the streets and assigned to a menial job guarding a museum. As a police officer you were in a perfect position to take revenge on those people you thought had ruined you, prostitutes. This book contains the complete reason Jack the Ripper came to be. It sheds new light on the mystery of the killer. After all, who is going to suspect a policeman going about his daily duties of being one of the world's most infamous serial killers.

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