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Luftwaffe Over Manchester 1940-1944

Neil Richardson Publications

Luftwaffe Over Manchester 1940-1944


Peter J C Smith. The book describes the defences set up prior to the air raids on Manchester, the anti-aircraft gun emplacements, network of barrage balloons, searchlights and fighter aircraft. It includes methods used by the enemy aircraft to track down targets describes the number and types of enemy planes, where they dropped incendiary bombs, landmines and bombs. Places that were bombed, to mention a few, included: Whalley Range, Royton, Manchester city centre, Salford, Worsley, Baguley, Brooklands, Broadheath, Hulme, Stretford, Withington, Ardwick, Openshaw, etc. There were many buildings and houses damaged and many casualties.
There is a list of places of safety where children and qualifying adults were sent.
There is a list of Luftwaffe attacks, the times, dates for each year from 1940 to 1945. It gives the addresses of serious air raid incidents for the nights of 22nd-24th December 1940. The launch of the flying bombs by Germany is mentioned, one such bomb flew over Manchester and exploded in Worsley.
There is a list of over 1,600 casualties, either dead or injured, with addresses given for each. At some addresses whole families were either killed or injured.
To add to the list there are un-named casualties. Well illustrated with over 60 photographs including remains of buildings in Piccadilly, Portland Street Warehouses, The Free Trade Hall, The Royal Exchange, St Augustine’s Church Chorlton-on-Medlock and homes in Abbey Hills Road Oldham. First published in the year 2003 by Neil Richardson.

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