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Garston 1905

Alan Godfrey Maps

Garston 1905


Godfrey Map Number 113.12. Liverpool: Garston 1905 (15” inches to I mile). ‘Garston is situated five and a half miles from the centre of Liverpool and once formed one of the eight townships of the parish of Childwall. In the 1840s Garston was still a picturesque village, set in fields and surrounded by trees. The villagers would have been largely self-sufficient and many would never, or seldom, leave the village, even to travel to Liverpool’. The rest of its history is continued on the back of the map. It includes: Aigburth Hall; Liverpool Cricket & Football Ground; Wood End Park; Grassendale Park; Cressington Park; Greenhill Nursery; Cheshire Lines Railway & L.& N.W.R. Creosote Works; St.Michaels Ch, Church Road; etc. Plus, as usual, some of the major streets with the names and occupation of the inhabitants.

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